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Borscht Defined

The soup’s name “Borscht” represents a really large variety of textures and ingredients. The most familiar version of Borscht is red and was originally made from fermented beets. One thing that all the varieties of Borscht have in common is that they all have a tart or sour flavor. Borscht soups can be vegetarian or meat based and served either hot or cold.

The three main categories of Borschts are

  1. Red Borscht, which gets its color and tartness from fermented beets or in other recipes from tomatoes.
  2. Green Borscht, is made from a meat broth with green leafy vegetables which are fermented.
  3. White Borscht is made from a base of fermented grain like rye or oats. Other recipes use fermented milk products as the Borscht’s  base.

We tried a “quick” Borscht with tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, and vegetable broth with wine vinegar added for sourness before serving. It didn’t taste that well and Dad and I decided we would stick to the slow, proven, original method of Borscht making.With all the fermentation of vegetables going on in this kitchen, our conclusion is to stick to make our borschts with a truly time tested fermented base.

We have some other ideas for future Borscht. Next trials we will use fermented golden beets and another recipe using our homemade Kimchi ( blended of course!). Since Gramps loves red beets, I will try fermenting some and making a soup that’s from the traditional fermented red beet base.

MANY delicious options for this smooth blended soup type and perfect timing with cold weather coming!


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