"From Scratch" Food

Brown Rice Porridge


Our first attempt to make brown rice porridge was a tasteless failure, but it was worth another try. We tried pounding the rice to break it up with my a mortar and pestle before cooking but rice went flying everywhere. (At least we had our daily dose of laughter!)

Finally we came upon the idea of soaking the rice first before pounding in the mortar. The rice crushed beautifully in smaller batches. We’re glad that we didn’t give up because we were rewarded with delicious and flavorful brown rice porridge!

The ingredients are

  • 7 cups of broth. This time we used freshly made pork broth from pork that our butcher cut especially for soup making
  • 135g brown rice
  • a clove of garlic
  • Herbes Salees (preserved spring onions)

Rinse and then soak the brown rice for 4-6 hours. After draining the rice, put it in smaller portions into a mortal and pestle and muddle -pound it to crack the grains.

Add the pounded brown rice to the broth. Here is where I might deviate from other kitchens because we use the SoyaJoy G4 (or any such stainless steel cooking device) to make this porridge on the machine’s “Porridge” setting. We bought this machine with Dad’s enthusiastic support because, in addition to making alternative milks,  it provided a more convenient way to make evening smooth soups and soup bases.

In about a half hour the porridge in the machine was done. I used the machine’s included strainer and bottom container to strain the small amount of cooked brown rice hulls out of the soup to arrive at a perfectly smooth texture!


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