"From Scratch" Food

Our Soup Template List

Porridge:  thick and smooth, blended grains or blended veggies, bean milk or water base.

Parmentier:  potato-based, smooth  by mashing or blending , usually served warm as a soup or incorporated in another dish

Vichyssoise:  A creamy soup usually with potatoes and traditionally served cold with bean broth base

Borscht:  A sour soup, usually blended smooth, made from fermented vegetables but traditionally fermented beets and their juice.

Tourin:  A garlic based smooth soup thickened by tempering egg yolks.

Mulligatawny: curried smooth soup, traditionally made with a peppery base of broth and finished with a small amount of coconut milk.

Gramps and I created a quick list of the smooth soups that we use as templates for our dinner meals. These soups are international traditional favorites that are served in a variety of ways depending on geography, cultural, or religious celebrations. They each have key characteristics that can be honored as templates. Gramps comes up with the “mash-up” ideas and I do the gardening and cooking!


We will add new international soup types if they are accepted by Gramps as evening meal soup “keepers”.

Many family, friends, and community acquaintances who know Gramps believe that his “secret” of living so long while taking (even presently) very few daily prescriptions or over the counter medications is his strict adherence to moderation and schedule. Since he eats all foods in moderation and always has eaten this way, he can enjoy almost anything. In recent years, his digestion of dairy has weakened, so we always substitute dairy for non-dairy in kitchen recipes. A last very key point of Gramp’s daily life is his attitude of seeing “his cup always half full” and accepting each day for its hidden beauty.


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