"From Scratch" Food

Coffee creamer Lactose-free

After much experimentation, we came up with a delicious and nutritious blend that can be used for a coffee creamer and in desserts that call for milk.

The first step is to weigh out 130 grams of dry lima beans and rinse them. The next step is to fill the JoyaJoy G4 or comparable appliance such as a pressure cooker or stovetop pot, and add 6 cups of water. Place your lima beans into your cookware to soak for the day.

Once they have soaked (4 to 8 hours), turn on the heat and begin cooking. With the SoyaJoy G4, choose the setting “soaked beans.” When the beans are done, pour the “Lima bean milk” through the strainer and mix a quarter of a cup of sugar onto each quart of lima bean milk.

The last step in this process is to put a quart of lima bean milk in a high-powered blender with one egg yolk. The goal is that the egg becomes emulsified in the milk. The finished product is a mildly sweet and refrigerator-stable coffee creamer for about five or six days in the refrigerator.

When sugar is not added to the cooked beans, it makes a wonderful broth for soups and other dessert recipes.

This workflow should not be confused with Vietnamese egg milk that does not use any alternative “milk”. We are so happy with the lima bean milk addition to our coffee. Finally we have an alternative milk that allows the flavor of the coffee to shine through beautifully. Adding a highly beaten egg yolk makes this smooth “milk” a creamy addition to the coffee with no “beanie” taste whatsoever!


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