Traditional Smooth Soup List

We created a quick list of the smooth soups that we use as templates for our dinner meals. These soups are international traditional favorites that are served in a variety of ways depending on geography, cultural or religious celebrations. They each have key characteristics that can be honored as templates. Gramps comes up with the … Continue reading Traditional Smooth Soup List

Green Tomato Porridge

This original recipe came from Sarah Bolla on the Food and Wine website. I was inspired to make it because of a bumper crop of green tomatoes we picked this fall. There are numerous changes in the recipe to accommodate my Dad's taste. Ingredients: 2-3 pounds of unripe green tomatoes. They can be many sizes … Continue reading Green Tomato Porridge

Vegetable and Corn Porridge

The hidden ingredient that gives this smooth soup its flavor is a tablespoon of smoked paprika. Another practice that changes the flavor of this soup is the choice of stock. When we have meat or vegetable stock, we use it. However, when the time came to make this soup, there was none of the above … Continue reading Vegetable and Corn Porridge