"From Scratch" Food

Borscht with Fermented Beets

Borscht recipes certainly have many variations over the web and in many cookbooks. However, recipes to make Borscht with fermented beets are not so common! The majority of recipes on the web address making the soup, made with either beet pieces or blended, with fresh beets.  From a limited amount of reading I was able to find, the original Borscht was made with fermented beets in either Russia or Poland.

My beets pictured above were fermented for 2 weeks before stealing from the jar for the Borscht. However, the fermentation brine was mature and strong from a previous ferment so they tasted sour and ready for the soup after the two weeks.

To offset the sourness somewhat, I blended the beets and brine with a bean broth with onions, garlic, and salt.

While this creamy soup was slowly warming, a batch of whole wheat sourdough breadsticks went into the oven.