Gramp’s Soup Template List

Porridge:  thick and smooth, blended grains or blended veggies, bean milk or water base. Parmentier:  potato-based, smooth  by mashing or blending , usually served warm as a soup or incorporated in another dish Vichyssoise:  A creamy soup usually with potatoes and traditionally served cold with bean broth base Borscht:  A sour soup, usually blended smooth, … Continue reading Gramp’s Soup Template List

Vichyssoise History and Practices

Vichyssoise is a thick, creamy smooth soup made of cooked and blended potatoes, the white bottom part of leaks, cream and/or milk, and chicken, pork, or rabbit stock. It is traditionally served cold and puréed but it can be eaten hot. The history of Vichyssoise is unique! In the late 1800s there was a recipe … Continue reading Vichyssoise History and Practices